5 Reasons to Register with SAM Right Away

Great news! If your organization has acquired a DUNS number and received its determination letter from the IRS, you are already in possession of the two most commonly required pieces of information when applying for grants. However, if you plan to seek federal funding you’re not quite ready just yet. Now is the time to register with SAM. 

Before applying for federal grants, your organization will be required to register with the System for Award Management, aka SAM. SAM is an online, government-wide application. Its purpose is to collect, validate, store, and publicize business information about the federal government’s trading partners. This information pertains to contract awards, grants, and electronic payment processes. 
Why do you need to be registered with SAM? Well, here are five reasons worth mentioning. 
  1.  It is required.
    If your organization plans to
    have contracts with the federal government, you will not be able to do so until registration with SAM has been completed. 

  2. You’ll receive fast electronic payments after registration. 
    Your registration with SAM makes it easier for government agencies to make regular, punctual payments to a bank account of your choice. 

  3. SAM incorporates all other databases previously used by the federal government, including CCR, ORCA, FedReg, and EPLS.
    All important information pertaining to your organization is contained within SAM. This includes business size, types of goods and services, business classification, taxpayer identification numbers, financial information, certifications, and important contact information. 

  4. Registering with SAM places your organization on government search lists.
    SAM is the primary source for federal government agencies to find potential vendors who might be interested in entering the government marketplace. Most state and local government agencies
    also use SAM in this manner. 

  5. SAM streamlines and integrates processes associated with procurement awards.
    Previously, different government agencies required vendors to register in one or more of the prior databases. By using SAM, some of the
    se redundancies have been eliminated and require registration with only one database, saving you time and effort!
How to Register with SAM
Registering with SAM is free and relatively easy. Your organization will simply need to visit the SAM website and have the following information on hand
    • your DUNS number
    • your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employment Identification Number (EIN) 
Once you’ve started the registration process, SAM requires a notarized letter from your organization stating that you (or whoever is responsible for registering) are the authorized entity administrator. Please note: your organization’s registration will not be activated until SAM receives this notarized letter
The person responsible for registering your organization on SAM will be given the title of the E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC). They will be issued a Marketing Personal Identification Number (MPIN), which will then allow them to designate Authorized Organization Representatives (AOR).  AORs are staff members within your organization who are allowed to submit grant applications on Grants.gov. Additionally, the EBiz POC must renew your organization’s SAM registration annually. (It is critical to provide accurate email addresses for this person, because he/she is the only one who can register on Grants.gov, add people to the work space, and submit grants.)
How long will this process take? 

As a rule, it takes up to two weeks to register, then one additional business day for updates made in SAM to show up on the Grants.gov website. However, this process could take longer if your organization does not have the necessary information on hand before registering. If you need a TIN, EIN, or DUNS number, you should allow for the process to take up to an additional five weeks. 
Remember,  you must make sure the address used by your organization when registering with SAM is the same one used when requesting a DUNS number and applying for a determination letter. If a different address is used, things will get very complicated. 
We hope this article has been helpful and wish you the best of luck as you begin this final leg of your search for funding! 
Still unsure about registering with SAM or if your organization really needs it? Contact us today and our staff at MPS Grants will be more than happy to assist you! 

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