A Quick Guide to Navigating Grants.gov's Workspace

You’ve done it! Your organization has a DUNS number and - if you're a nonprofit - a letter of determination. You’ve successfully registered with SAM and Grants.gov. You’re finally ready to start applying for federal grants. Now, how exactly does one do this? By using the amazing Workspace program available on Grants.gov

All About Workspaces
Grants.gov Workspace is the standard platform for organizations or individuals to apply for federal grants. A workspace allows a grant team to access and edit different forms within an application simultaneously. Forms can be filled out online or using physical copies - which ever way is best for you and your team! (Please note- many federal agencies try to minimize the use of paper in the grant writing and administration process. Not all forms will be available to print.)
Applicants can also tailor their application workflow using three different approaches: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Here’s a quick breakdown of each: 
  • Best for organizations with 1-2 registered Grants.gov users.
  • Application forms are downloaded and emailed to collaborators before being uploaded back to the workspace.
  • Best for organizations with 3-5 registered Grants.gov users.
  • Applicant teams are usually comprised of one or more Authorized Organization Representatives (AORs) and a Workspace Owner. 
  • An AOR will be responsible for submitting information and the application while a Workspace Owner will oversee form completion.
  • An AOR must approve and/or assign Workspace Owners or Users to the organization’s Workspace for every grant in which people are collaborating. 
  •  Best for organizations with external Grants.gov users (i.e. consultants).
  •  The Workspace Owner manages form access and will add subforms. 
How to Create a Workspace
Now, how exactly do you go about creating a workspace? Thankfully, it’s very simple. Creating a workspace can be completed in four easy steps:  
  1. Log into your applicant account on Grants.gov. 

  2. Locate the grant you wish to apply for and click the red Apply button. 

  3. Enter an Application Filing Name. 

    1. Applicants with multiple profiles will need to pick one for the filing name. 
    2. If you don’t have the “Own Workspace” privilege, you’ll be prompted to select a Workspace Owner at this time. 
  1. Click the Workspace button to create your workspace. 
Yep, it’s that simple! And just a couple of notes to consider when setting up your workspace
1.Make sure you’re logged in to your Grants.gov account before starting (this will help streamline the process and save you time).

2. Please note that if you don’t have the required role or privilege needed, you won’t be able to create a workspace. You will need to have permission assigned to you by the organization’s AOR. 
There you go! Now go get started on something great!
Still unsure how to set up a workspace? Contact us today and our staff at MPS Grants will be more than happy to assist you!  Don’t forget to sign-up for our weekly newsletter below!

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