Special Education Grants Currently Available

Here are this week’s highlighted foundations and grants. This week’s focus? Special education grants! 

Please note: this post is part of the MPS Grants archives. Funding opportunities are consistently changing. Please visit the links for the most current information about these grants and their deadlines or feel free to contact us with any questions. We wish you the best of luck finding funding for your project!

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1) Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
  • The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation's mission is to ensure a strong national defense, a free society, and a vibrant economy for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive. 
  • The Foundation's areas of philanthropy include national security, founding values, education, entrepreneurship, and public policy.
  • Under the Education program, support is provided for education initiatives from preschool through adulthood. These programs have a focus on innovative new approaches to educational challenges.
  • Additionally, grants are provided for programs that offer resources to low-performing schools in high poverty areas, as well as programs that serve children and adults with learning challenges. 
  • Please note: the Foundation considers grant applications on an invitation-only basis. 
  • Organizations that wish to be invited to apply must submit their contact information and a brief description of their project through the Foundation's website.
  • Awarded amounts are not disclosed. 
  • Deadline: None
2) Learning Disabilities Foundation of America
  • The Learning Disabilities Foundation of America's mission is to provide funds for research and education and to promote public awareness of both children and adults with learning disabilities. 
  • Support is provided to organizations throughout the United States. Preference is given to projects of national impact and projects that may be replicated.
  • Applications for grants must contain the following documentation in the order listed:
    • a cover Letter (see the website for a downloadable form) 
    • a grant Proposal (5 pages or less)
    • a grant budget justification (i.e. specific details of the amount of funds requested and how these funds will be spent)
    • primary facilitator (qualifications of the proposed project and institution, agency, or organization to undertake and see it through to completion)
    • a copy of a 501(c)(3) determination letter from IRS.
    • a letter of approval from the LDA Executive Committee.
  • Awarded amounts are not disclosed
  • Deadline: April 15th and September 15th (annually)
3) National Cristina Foundation
  • The National Cristina Foundation provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk, and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity to lead more independent and productive lives. 
  • The Foundation directs donations of surplus and used computers, software, and audio, video, and other business technology to training and educational organizations throughout the United States.
  • Priority is given to nonprofit organizations, public schools, and public agencies that use the equipment for purposes related to training, job development, educational programs, and other related projects. The direct focus should be on improving the lives of people with disabilities, students at risk, and economically disadvantaged people.
  • All interested applicants must fill out a general email form on the Foundation's website.
  • Awards are given in the form of computers, software, and audio, video, and other business technology
  • Deadline: None
4) P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education
  • The P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education promotes integration of the arts into school curricula. There is a high degree of focus on addressing children who learn differently. 
  • The P. Buckley Moss Teacher Grant program provides grants to pre-K-12 teachers to be used for art supplies. The purpose of the program is to support new or evolving programs that integrate the arts into education in the school classroom setting. 
  • Eligible recipients will develop and implement a “hands-on” visual art learning tool. Examples of visual art include: drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, architecture, printmaking, and photography.
  • All eligible applicants must complete and submit an application. The form can be found on the Foundation's website.
  • Grants of up to $1,000 are awarded.
  • Deadline: Applications may be submitted from July 1st through September 30th (annually). 
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