3 Steps to Finding Grants for Your Organization

The time has come — you’ve determined your organization is ready and prepared to start applying for grants. How do you find grants for your organization? 
Finding grants for your organization can be a challenge. It is important to find funding opportunities that fit your programming and NOT try to create programming simply because you found a grant that “sounds close.”  This is called Goodness of Fit. When researching grants your organization should find prospective funders and funding opportunities to fit your needs. However, there are a few steps that need to be completed before your research can begin
  1. Make sure you’ve listed your organization’s funding priorities.
     You should identify what kind of funding you
    r organization needs, as well as which projects are in need of funding. Additionally, consider what type of support you are looking for: ` Do you need operating support? Capital support? Maybe program...
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Grant Readiness - What is It and Are We Ready?

In the face of overwhelming competition, assessment and preparation are keys to grant success. But how do you know if your organization has done enough? How do you know if you’re ready? 
Before applying for grants, it’s absolutely critical to assess different components of your organization to determine whether then can be competitive in the arena of grant seeking. Otherwise, your organization could hit a few bumps along the road. What sort of bumps? Well, the last thing you want when applying for a grant - after investing so much of your time, effort, and resources - is to discover you’re not able to meet the stated requirements. How can you avoid this kind of scenario?  Grant readiness! 
But what is grant readiness? And how do you know if your organization has it? Let’s dive in and find out. 
 Grant readiness is the process of determining your organization’s potential competitiveness when seeking out grants,...
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Extra! Extra! Here’s What Everyone Should Know about Federal Grants

The world of federal grants is a large and complicated one. Many who wade into it find themselves confused and unsure of where to turn. Is this grant right for us?  Have we wasted precious time and resources on the wrong choice?! Understanding the basic definitions of federal grants, as well as the restrictions or qualifications each type entails, will help you on your grant-finding journey. Here is a quick rundown of the basics. 
What is a federal grant? 
A federal grant is an awarded amount of money provided by the United States government, paid for out of the funds available in the general federal revenue. Federal grants can be provided to organizations and individuals in many different ways - for example, covering a portion of a project or organization’s cost, or a complete funding of a project. The US government offers nearly 1,000 different grant programs to qualified businesses, organizations, and individuals. These programs are distributed by 15 ...
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