5 Reasons Grant Writers Should Not Work on Commission

Is it a good idea for grant writers and consultants to work on commission? Here’s the quick and easy answer — no, it isn’t. Here are five reasons why this practice harms you, your grant writers, and your chances of receiving some grants

1. Most funders frown upon the fee and will refuse to pay it. 
When most grant funders contribute to your organization, they want their funding to go directly toward your program, not your overhead and fundraising costs. Many funders guidelines even explicitly state that the grants awarded cannot be used to cover such expenses. Therefore, your team will not be able to incorporate the cost of a grant writer into your proposal budget. Be advised, if your organization were to win a grant and use the funds to pay your grant writer, you could be in violation of your grant agreement. In this case, the grant would likely be terminated and your organization would be forced to pay back the awarded amount. 

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