Pass-Through and State Grants: Understanding the Difference

Even the federal government needs help from state governments to funnel grant money into public programs and projects. This is where pass-through grants come in. But how does this differ from state grants for similar good works? 

According to, pass-through grants are funds issued by a federal agency to a state agency or institution that are then transferred to other state agencies, units of local government, or other eligible groups per the award eligibility terms. 
Wow, that's a mouthful! In simpler terms, pass-through grants are funds given by the federal government to state governments.  These funds are turned into sub-grants, then
“passed on” to another recipient, known as the sub-recipient. This process gives the state governments more flexibility and autonomy over the use of any federal grant funds.  

But why can’t the federal government simply award the grant itself? Why have a pass-through entity to deliver and monitor...
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How to Register with in 8 Easy Steps

First, you acquired a DUNS number. Next, you received your letter of determination. Finally, you registered on SAM. This means you’re ready to start applying for federal grants, right? Well, not quite. There’s still one more step.  
Before you apply for federal grants, you need to register an account with This amazing website provides a centralized location that makes finding and applying for federal funding opportunities faster, easier, and more cost-effective for grant seekers. As of today, houses information on more than 1,000 grant programs and vets applications for all 26 grant-awarding federal agencies within the system. 
Sounds great! How do I sign up? 
To register an account with,  you should first have all of your organization’s necessary information ready at your fingertips. Honestly, if you come prepared, the registration process can be completed in a matter of minutes. And whether...
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5 Reasons to Register with SAM Right Away

Great news! If your organization has acquired a DUNS number and received its determination letter from the IRS, you are already in possession of the two most commonly required pieces of information when applying for grants. However, if you plan to seek federal funding you’re not quite ready just yet. Now is the time to register with SAM. 

Before applying for federal grants, your organization will be required to register with the System for Award Management, aka SAM. SAM is an online, government-wide application. Its purpose is to collect, validate, store, and publicize business information about the federal government’s trading partners. This information pertains to contract awards, grants, and electronic payment processes. 
Why do you need to be registered with SAM? Well, here are five reasons worth mentioning. 
  1.  It is required.
    If your organization plans to
    have contracts with the federal government, you will not be able to do so until...
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Extra! Extra! Here’s What Everyone Should Know about Federal Grants

The world of federal grants is a large and complicated one. Many who wade into it find themselves confused and unsure of where to turn. Is this grant right for us?  Have we wasted precious time and resources on the wrong choice?! Understanding the basic definitions of federal grants, as well as the restrictions or qualifications each type entails, will help you on your grant-finding journey. Here is a quick rundown of the basics. 
What is a federal grant? 
A federal grant is an awarded amount of money provided by the United States government, paid for out of the funds available in the general federal revenue. Federal grants can be provided to organizations and individuals in many different ways - for example, covering a portion of a project or organization’s cost, or a complete funding of a project. The US government offers nearly 1,000 different grant programs to qualified businesses, organizations, and individuals. These programs are distributed by 15 ...
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