Extra! Extra! Here’s What Everyone Should Know about Federal Grants

The world of federal grants is a large and complicated one. Many who wade into it find themselves confused and unsure of where to turn. Is this grant right for us?  Have we wasted precious time and resources on the wrong choice?! Understanding the basic definitions of federal grants, as well as the restrictions or qualifications each type entails, will help you on your grant-finding journey. Here is a quick rundown of the basics. 
What is a federal grant? 
A federal grant is an awarded amount of money provided by the United States government, paid for out of the funds available in the general federal revenue. Federal grants can be provided to organizations and individuals in many different ways - for example, covering a portion of a project or organization’s cost, or a complete funding of a project. The US government offers nearly 1,000 different grant programs to qualified businesses, organizations, and individuals. These programs are distributed by 15 ...
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