A Quick Guide to Navigating Grants.gov's Workspace

You’ve done it! Your organization has a DUNS number and - if you're a nonprofit - a letter of determination. You’ve successfully registered with SAM and Grants.gov. You’re finally ready to start applying for federal grants. Now, how exactly does one do this? By using the amazing Workspace program available on Grants.gov

All About Workspaces
Grants.gov Workspace is the standard platform for organizations or individuals to apply for federal grants. A workspace allows a grant team to access and edit different forms within an application simultaneously. Forms can be filled out online or using physical copies - which ever way is best for you and your team! (Please note- many federal agencies try to minimize the use of paper in the grant writing and administration process. Not all forms will be available to print.)
Applicants can also tailor their application workflow using three different approaches: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced....
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